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Submitted By: Mike Mooslin

‘01 19:12-14
The notion that mixing material and spiritual means, either in medicine or in religion, is wise or efficient, is proven false. (Consider this with regards to using the pill.)

Mis 53:17
He that resorts to physics, seeks what is below instead of above the standard of metaphysics;
showing his ignorance of the meaning of the term and of Christian Science.

Mis 17:22-32
A material or human birth is the appearing of a mortal, not the immortal man. This birth is more or less prolonged and painful, according to the timely or untimely circumstances, the normal or abnormal material conditions attending it.
With the spiritual birth, man’s primitive, sinless, spiritual existence dawns on human thought,--through the travail of mortal mind, hope deferred, the perishing pleasure and accumulating pains of sense,--by which one loses himself as matter, and gains a truer sense of Spirit and spiritual man.
Mis 167:1-2 np
The material questions at this age on the reappearing of the infantile thought of God’s man, are after the manner of a mother in the flesh, though their answers pertain to the spiritual idea, as in Christian Science:--

Is he deformed?
He is wholly symmetrical; the one altogether lovely.

Is the babe a son, or daughter?
Both son and daughter: even the compound idea of all that resembles God.

How much does he weigh?
His substance outweighs the material world.

How old is he?
Of his days there is no beginning and no ending.

What is his name?
Christ Science.

Who are his parents, brothers, and sisters?
His Father and Mother are divine Life, Truth, and Love; and they who do the will of his Father are
his brethren.

Is he heir to an estate?
“The government shall be upon his shoulder!” He has dominion over the whole earth; and in
admiration of his origin, he exclaims, “I thank Thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that Thou
hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes!”

Is he wonderful?
His works thus prove him. He giveth power, peace, and holiness; he exalteth the lowly; he giveth
liberty to the captive, health to the sick, salvation from sin to the sinner—and overcometh the world!

S&H 61:31
If the propagation of a higher human species is requisite to reach this goal, then its material conditions can only be permitted for the purpose of generating. The foetus must be kept mentally pure and the period of gestation have the sanctity of virginity.
S&H 611:20-30
I awoke my husband one morning at five o’clock, and at half past five baby was born, no one being present but my husband and myself. It was quite a surprise to the rest of the family to see me sitting by the fire with a new baby on my lap. My son got the breakfast, of which I ate heartily; at noon I joined the family in the dining-room. I was out on the porch the second day, around the yard the third day, and have been perfectly well ever since, which has been now over three years. To one who had previously passed through agony untold, with a physician in attendance, this seemed wonderful.

S&H 676:4-9 (to 2nd .)
In April my baby was born with only the practitioner and a woman friend present. I suffered little pain, and the third day I went downstairs. I am able to nurse him,--a privilege of which I was deprived with my first child. He is a picture of health, having never been sick a day since he was born.—K.

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